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it's time for the results of part 2 my bts life and things are about to get a bit crazy. but fear not only some of you will have choices to make..... this time. some of the results may break your heart though remember the rules. no cheating, not take backs and if this is your first time playing this game please go to my bts life part 1 and 2 first. pt1- http://www.vingle.net/posts/1268071?shsrc=v pt2- http://www.vingle.net/posts/1273755?shsrc=v I am keeping track. and I hope to post part 3 in the next 24ish hours thanks for playing!

personal assistant

You take a look down at your planner with bts schedule in it and realize you all had a day off coming up. Working with the boys schedule daily you were able to be around them quite a bit. (who else was supposed to get them places on time.) in fact (red) became your best friend. You we're basically joined at the hip. He was the first and only person you told about your fling with (purple) or that you had a crush on (blue). If only you got along with (orange) like that, but for some reason you just didn't click with them and you didn't think you ever would. there we're days when you had to be around (orange) usually big brother (green) was there to protect you. for some reason he would always come with you when you would go to visit (yellow) too... he says it's because (yellow) likes you. but he's never confessed or anything. and then there was (pink). it's not like you were the best of friends but you weren't enemies either. (pink) was a complete mystery to you. "Maybe this all comes with the job as their personal assistant" you think to yourself. Little did you know things we're about to get interesting.

Backup Dancer

you wipe the sweat from your brow and take a look around the rehearsal room. you thought that the 1 mv would be the first and last time you ever got to meet bts! but thanks to being early the boss insisted that you stay on the team and even help the boys rehearse. he said that you had really made an impression hanging out with the boys that day. you smile as (green) brings you a water bottle and reminds you to stay hydrated. "that's so brotherly of him" you think. meanwhile (red) just plops his head on you lap. you stare at your bc and roll your eyes. (yellow) takes a seat on your other side. you think he might have a crush on you but it's never been confessed. unfortunately for him if he did your heart was kind of set on (blue)....yea there was that drunken fling with (purple) but you we're drunk and neither of you talk about it. you look up at the mirror. (pink) is staring at you again. you just dont get him. you're not enemies like (orange) but he's a mystery to you. but things were about to change!

Dancers!!!! because you we early your first day of work you have a special challenge. comment with a yes or a no. dancers only


it took a lot of hard work and dedication to finally get the boys to like you after your first day fiasco. you swore they all looked down on you. it's not like you we're late on purpose. but you were determined to change their minds and you did!! well all except for (orange) it's not like he hated you. you guys just didn't click. not like you and (red). he had become your best friend and (green) ...he's more like an overbearing big brother. when he found out he found out (yellow) had a crush on you. it's a good thing you never told him about your crush on (blue) or about your random one night fling with (purple). you're not really sure how it led to that. it just kind of happened. Now you're in the studio practicing a song you wrote. suddenly (pink ) walks in. he's gives you an awkward smile and bow the backs out and leaves. it's been months an you still don't understand him. he's a complete mystery to you. you look down at your watch. 10 more minutes until you we're about to leave for the day.....and before your life changed again.

makeup artists

after month of being all over the boys' hair and faces you had picked up on their likes, dislikes, and habits. it's only obvious that you'd also create a few relationships from it....including that one night fling with (purple). you had all gone out to celebrate their latest award and (red) being your bff of course invited you. after knocking back a few drinks (green) was back to his brotherly self and trying to stop you. it was only when you almost blurted out your crush on (blue) that you knew you we're done. you didn't want to upset (yellow) who everyone knew had a crush on you. you shake the memory from your head and continue working on (pink)'s hair. he looks at you strange but that's not really unusual for him. he's a complete mystery to you still. you're pretty sure he doesn't dislike you like (orange) does but it's not like you're friends either. is that all about to change though?
alright everyone so if you haven't guessed it here's the color break down. Red- your best friend in the group. you're closer to him than the other members. could this friendship be more? Green- your brother figure. This guy is super protective of you. even if he's not older than you, he plays the role well! but is there another reason he's so protective? Blue- your crush. over time you've developed a bit of a crush on this guy, but you'll never tell...or will you? Yellow- this one is crushing on you. will he ever confess? purple- whether drunk or not you had a one night fling with this one...but is it meant to be only one night? pink- this guy is a mystery to you. you don't spend enough time to figure out if you are friends or not. is he harboring some secret from you? orange- even though you've tried your best you and this guy just don't click. it's not like he hates you....or maybe he does.

This guy is out of the game for you. sorry!

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Rapmon is my bff, I had a fling with Jungkook, I have a crush on V, Jin has a crush on me, Suga is protective, Jimin is a mystery and sadly J-hope hates me :( sorry J-hope!
NOOOOO V!!! 馃槶馃槶馃槶馃槶馃槶 I tried so hard to be your friend whyyyy --- so jimin is my best, kookie is my brother fig, suga is my crush, Jin has a crush on me (OMGGG), Jhope and I had a one night stand annnnd rapmon is my mystery babe 馃槏馃槏 this is so cool haha thank you:)))
kookie my BFF, Jimins my crush, v is brother figure, jhope has a crush on me, namjoon hates me, Suga and I had a fling and Jin is my mystery guy
and I'm gonna say yes!