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The Dwight Howard-Houston Rockets era may be over very soon.

Dwight Howard is apparently unhappy in his current situation and is ready to make a change.
The former Defensive Player of the Year is averaging the fewest number of points (13 ppg) since his rookie season. At the moment, he's taking fewer shots than five other players on his team.
With a player option in tow at the end of next summer, Howard may be out the door if things don't get better soon. Houston is in disarray at the moment, Dwight could be out of the door.
According to Chris Sheridan of Sheridan Hoops, Miami looks to be the most likely destination:
"Dwight Howard is extremely unhappy in Houston playing second fiddle to alpha dog James Harden, multiple league sources tell And with the Rockets underachieving more than any NBA team, look for them to try to move Howard later this season.
And the destination that makes the most sense is Miami in a trade centered around Hassan Whiteside.
…Heat president Pat Riley is going to try to turn [Hassan] Whiteside into the best available center he can find. Not only does Howard fit that bill, he also would be placed back in position to be an alpha dog for the first time since he left the Sunshine State after the 2011-12 season in a trade that sent him to the Lakers, where he was immediately at odds with Kobe Bryant."

Do you think the Rockets should trade Dwight Howard? Should Miami break up their team to acquire Howard? Or are they a better team as built without him?

You could argue h at one time he was but he ain't top five big even any more
@DannyMoses I agree with you on this one...he really needs to get his shit together. He won't be satisfied 100% everywhere he goes and he needs to accept that.
I think he's shot could be wrong and hope he can get it together if he really wants a ring
@DannyMoses For sure. Not any more!
It's also not like he's the best player in the league!
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