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You guys, in the grand scheme of all that is the cast of 'Archer', I so desperately want to be Pam. I mean, Pam is gutsy, confident, great in bed - and sure, she's got a little cocaine habit, but hey, she's always fun to be around, right? Right?

But the reality is I am a Cheryl. And I must live with this destiny.

I love being the center of attention.

I have a pretty nasty case of the youngest sibling syndrome. One of my biggest flaws is I always tend to make things about myself. (I'm working on that! Promise!)

I can be a little too superstitious.

Okay, so maybe I don't have a gypsy, but I'm always cautious about maintaining a good karma balance. Plus, am I the only one still wildly uncomfortable about opening umbrellas indoors?

My stories are kind of... random.

Did you ever notice that Cheryl kind of has a habit of talking a lot without ever truly contributing to a conversation? I'll admit that I can be the same way. I've mastered the art of saying everything, but at the same time, saying nothing of any particular value.

Maybe friends think I'm ditzy, but I maintain that I'M the smart one - and the Queen of Mars.

Maybe I ask dumb questions, but it's only because my brain is so vast and complex that 'Has anyone seen my phone?' is the only question I have that isn't too deep for the simpletons that surround me. I am the love child of Einstein and Beyonce. Don't be fooled.

I have a soft spot for country music.

When I was a little girl, my dad had me on a steady diet of Reba, Garth Brooks, and Willie Nelson. This is an embarrassing secret that no one knows - unless you were one of the few that was there when I karaoked 'Friends In Low Places' on my 21st birthday when I was drunk on two-thirds of a strawberry margarita. (I'm a lightweight. I'm sorry.)

I hope you enjoyed my answer to this week's Archer Spirit Animal game! If you end up making one, be sure to tag me in it so I can add it to the LEAF collection!

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@yaakattackk SAME. Ren and Stimpy was my shit growing up. Me and my dad would watch it together lol.
@MissB82 Hehehehe, you can wait to do yours when you get a better sense of who your spirit animal is. I'm just glad you're a part of the club now! :D
@danidee ren n stimpy were ahead of their time such a good show
@yaakattackk Do you remember the dolls? I wanted Ren and Stimpy dolls so bad...