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You guys, in the grand scheme of all that is the cast of 'Archer', I so desperately want to be Pam. I mean, Pam is gutsy, confident, great in bed - and sure, she's got a little cocaine habit, but hey, she's always fun to be around, right? Right?

But the reality is I am a Cheryl. And I must live with this destiny.

I love being the center of attention.

I have a pretty nasty case of the youngest sibling syndrome. One of my biggest flaws is I always tend to make things about myself. (I'm working on that! Promise!)

I can be a little too superstitious.

Okay, so maybe I don't have a gypsy, but I'm always cautious about maintaining a good karma balance. Plus, am I the only one still wildly uncomfortable about opening umbrellas indoors?

My stories are kind of... random.

Did you ever notice that Cheryl kind of has a habit of talking a lot without ever truly contributing to a conversation? I'll admit that I can be the same way. I've mastered the art of saying everything, but at the same time, saying nothing of any particular value.

Maybe friends think I'm ditzy, but I maintain that I'M the smart one - and the Queen of Mars.

Maybe I ask dumb questions, but it's only because my brain is so vast and complex that 'Has anyone seen my phone?' is the only question I have that isn't too deep for the simpletons that surround me. I am the love child of Einstein and Beyonce. Don't be fooled.

I have a soft spot for country music.

When I was a little girl, my dad had me on a steady diet of Reba, Garth Brooks, and Willie Nelson. This is an embarrassing secret that no one knows - unless you were one of the few that was there when I karaoked 'Friends In Low Places' on my 21st birthday when I was drunk on two-thirds of a strawberry margarita. (I'm a lightweight. I'm sorry.)

I hope you enjoyed my answer to this week's Archer Spirit Animal game! If you end up making one, be sure to tag me in it so I can add it to the LEAF collection!

I love the idea of the challenge! :-) I do, however, feel a little under qualified at this stage. Like I'd be jumping the gun. Not that I'd pass up an opportunity to jump Archer's gun. If it came up... *wink nudge* Danger zone!
Oh man! I didn't know there was a challenge for this but my friend (who just started watching this with me after I wouldn't shut up about the show lol) has already informed me who I am, which isn't surprising at allllll. We're halfway through season two together. I'll try to make time to make a card explaining why he thinks I'm Lana, and why that's really damn funny to me.
@danidee lol I'm working on it , no but I do scream my friends names than laugh n say, "Danger Zone."
I think I'm more like archer than anyone else minus the drinking problem. We both like referencing movies, assholes to people we love, both womanizer, both grow up with our father, and we're extremely good looking
I may have to do one of these. But the short answer is, I'm kind of an odd amalgamation of a few characters. Mostly Woodhouse, with a pinch of Krieger, an unhealthy dose of Stirling Archer, and a fair amount of Cyril.
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