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ok so i heard about it when it first came out that EXO was having a tour in the states and i am super excited but.....
NONE OF MY FRIENDS WANTS TO GO WITH ME!!!! one friend doesn't have the money( like i really do) and the others aren't into EXO let alone kpop....
my two best friends from back home would definitely go with me. and we would find a way for all of us to go!!
and then it hit me...maybe i should just go by myself?!?!?!!?!?
for realz tho... i still haven't decided what i want to do but i just might just go see these gorgeous looking creatures!!! lol
at the same time i planing on going to KCON hopefully and im still trying to save up to find my own place so i can move out of my sister's the struggle is real!!!!
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I know what you mean! I'm planning to go to kcon too so I've been saving up. I'm going to the one in LA by myself. I was gonna drag a friend along but none of my friends like kpop :( and I'm too broke to buy them a ticket just to go with me hahah
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Im going to the dallas show
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@jessicalnichols hope to see ya there!!
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@Nadinerzz i think that if i had to choose between the two i would choose kcon, because i have a little more time to save more money for it... but i really want to go to both!!!
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@LunaCordero sweetness you as well
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