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Vingle Bells Christmas Giveaway!

Time to end 2015 on a high note with a two-part Vingle Bells Christmas Giveaway!

From December 21 - December 28, Vingle will be hosting 9 Community giveaways as part one of the Vingle Bells Christmas Event!

This is your chance to explore other communities, make new friends, and grow new interests.

How to Participate:

- Winners are based on the number of cards they comment on in a specific community. Try to join as many conversations as possible!
- Only cards published in the specific community count towards the specific community event (For example: Vingler comments on 3 Anime and 4 Marvel cards. User has 3 points towards Anime and 4 towards Marvel, not 7 total points.)


- Don't just stick to your usual community. Explore other areas of Vingle!
- Make sure you have joined the community you are participating in! (Go to the respective community page and hit โ€˜Joinโ€™)
- Vinglers may participate in as many community events as they would like, but can only win one prize.
- Communities will be monitored closely and spamming will lead to disqualification. Make your comments matter!

Participating Communities:


Come to the Vingle Kpop community to squeal about your bias, discover new music, participate in challenges, and best of all, find other Kpop fans around the world!

Winner will receive:

A surprise box including Kpop stickers and Korean munchies!
Join the conversation:
Vingle Kpop App Users: It would be a lot easier for you to participate in this event with the original Vingle app, which will let you explore all 3,000 communities!

Japanese Anime

Join the Vingle Japanese Anime community and share your inner otaku! Whether you're looking for a new anime to watch or you want to talk about your favorite characters, this is your place to shine!

Winner will receive:

An Anime goodie bag complete with an awesome sticker pack!
Join the conversation:
Vingle Anime App Users: It would be a lot easier for you to participate in this event with the original Vingle app, which will let you explore all 3,000 communities!


This is your chance to share your world-reknowed sense of humor with the crazy characters in the Vingle Funny community. Laughing is more fun when done with friends!

Winner will receive:

A gift box that will make you giggle including the ultimate guide to insults and comebacks!
Join the conversation:


For the die-hard fans who never miss a game, check out the Vingle Sports community for predictions, recaps, and more!

Winner will receive:

A personalized gift with the winner's choice of team from the MLB, NFL, NHL, or NBA!
Join the conversation:


Whether it is breaking news or a look into the past, here is your place to discuss how fast our world is changing, and to see what other people around the globe are thinking!

Winner will receive:

A news-junkie's goodie bag complete with a journal for your next big story!
Join the conversation:

Marvel Comics

From the comics to television series, the Marvel Comics community is there for you to talk about anything from hard-hitting issues like human rights, or if Spiderman wears boxers or briefs.

Winner will receive:

A Deadpool kit with all your essential Deadpool gear!
Join the conversation:

Video Games

Do you live more in the gaming world than in reality? The Video Games community is the best place to find other gamers and to bring your gaming to the next level.

Winner will receive:

A gift box perfect for the mobile gamers!
Join the conversation:

Love and Relationship

From the old married couples to the single crowd, the Love and Relationship community is all about living and learning together!

Winner will receive:

A hand-picked romantic gift box for couples and singles alike!
Join the conversation:

Self Improvement

Just in time for the new year, check out the Self Improvement community and find friends who will help you finally stick to your goals, and inspire you to make new ones!

Winner will receive:

A Self-Improvement starter-pack complete with a stress relieving coloring book!
Join the conversation:
Have a great week exploring our awesome communities and please look forward to Vingle Bells Christmas part two!

Happy Holidays, Vinglers!

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