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So now that I'm on break, I decided I should start cooking. Cooking is my absolute favorite thing to do, well except for dancing and poetry... and maybe watching anime. But back on topic, I wanted to test my skills and cook blind. No recipes or help, just instinct and memory. Tonight I chose to make Spaghetti. I usually make Filipino Spaghetti, so this was my first time making Italian spaghetti. I went in blind and I think it came out great. it used what I remember of how other restaurants' spaghetti tasted. My family liked it too. There'll be more meals to come. Hopefully as good as this. also, if anyone wants the recipe, I'll make a card about it too.
@alywoah thank you! I used a can of ragu instead of starting from scratch but I added more to it for more flavor.
This looks amazing. Did you make your own meat sauce?
Super awesome @jeremimzy17! I love your username by the way haha, my little sister has a stuffed rabbit that she named Mimzy :) It's a great idea to challenge yourself by going in "blind," as you say! I need to try that more often. It's a very rewarding feeling when you don't use a recipe.