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Welcome to Vingle Bells Part Two.

To the Community Moderators, Community Support, the awesome cards creators, avid commenters, and to all our Vinglers:
We'd like to take this opportunity to thank everyone of you for making with Vingle special place to meet and share with people who love what you love.
In order to show your appreciation, the Vingle Bells Giveaway will end with a 'Thank You' project.

Let's thank the people who have made 2015 with Vingle a meaningful time for all of us.

How to Participate:

- Leave a comment on this card thanking a Vingler, and tag them in the comment. *You may tag and thank multiple Vinglers.
- Each Vingler who has been tagged will be entered in a raffle. The winner will be randomly drawn from the list of tagged Vinglers on December 31, 11:59 PST.


December 29 - December 31

Winner Announcement:

January 4
* Winners of both Part One and Part Two will be announced!

The Vingle Team has prepared a special Vingler Gift Box for the winner!

Good luck Vinglers, and thank you for an incredible 2015!