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Nabi was curled up on her bed when she suddenly heard footsteps coming up her stairs. She pulled the covers over her head hoping the person wouldn't notice her and just take what they want and leave. There was a click as her door opened and the footsteps got closer. She held her breath going as still as possible. Her covers were then ripped off of her and in the flutter of fabric she saw him. “Yo stupid why haven't you answered anyone's calls? You have been cooped up in here for three days now!” V sounded super pissed and at the same time worried. “How the hell did you even get in here?” He held up a key. “I know where you keep the spare.” He set the key on the side table as he sat down beside her. “Now are you going to tell me what the hell is wrong? Everyone is worried and Jimin is a complete mess saying it's his fault you're not coming out.” Nabi’s mind went back to that afternoon and she curled up into a ball. She was still trying to figure out what exactly happened and what she should do. She didn't want to tell the guys because she knew they would kick Jimin's ass and leave him for dead. “I just have a lot on my mind. He probably thinks it his fault because of what his girlfriend said about me the other day. “ “He seriously should leave that woman she's no good. Well anyway are you coming to the get together tomorrow? We all decided to go camping. You could use some fresh air.” “Uh….. Yea I'll go…” She convinced herself she would talk things over with Jimin there where the others could see them just invade but they could get far enough so they won't hear. “Good I'll be here around 4 then. Be sure to be fully ready to go.” He stood up walking over to the door. “Oh and Nabi please take a shower. It seems that whatever is on your mind blocked out the thought of bathing for three days too.” He message a face at her and she turned bright red. He was kind of mean about it but she really needed to hear some words to snap her back to reality. “Arraso I will add soon as you leave.” “Then I'll go now. I'll see you tomorrow.” He walked back over and grabbed there key putting it into his pocket before paying her head. She watched him walk down the stairs before she went to her bathroom. She gave her underarm a quick smell and coughed. Maybe he was being nice about it. She striped off her pajamas before turning on the water to hot. Once it warmed up she got in letting the hot water sooth her and clear her mind. It felt so good to be clean.
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@KokoroNoTakara he beat people up without hesitation and now he broke into her house plus he stole the spare key. I'm sure that makes him a delinquent.
@SugaOnTop Well, he did it out of care for a friend... If that makes him a delinquent then okie!!! Where can I sign up for a bad boy alien???
@KokoroNoTakara I'll make a place
@SugaOnTop A place to sign up for bad boy aliens??? Omo!!! I will be the first signer!!!
@SugaOnTop Though to be honest I really just want V... 😍😍😻😻👽👽👽👽💞💞💞💞