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GD Before Bed
I can't deny the sexy!
But oh, those lips...
And that tongue...
And that smile...
And those eyes...
Not the lip... don't bite that lip, GD!
Oh, such swag!
Not the eyebrow raise!
That's right, you need to stop so I can to go to bed! Just stop GD!
And I'm done! I can't take this boy... seriously. I think he's trying to kill me.
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omg GD just kills me. Those Overies man....
2 years ago·Reply
Made my mourning 😍😍😍
2 years ago·Reply
I just give up on trying to stop liking gd its just not possible. I wish he could be my oppa lol😜😋😘
2 years ago·Reply
너무 귀여워!^^
2 years ago·Reply
He is my husband in my fantasies.
2 years ago·Reply