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12 Days of Kpop: What Gift Will You Give Your Idol?
This is such an embarrassing card to even write, hahaha, but in the spirit of the Holiday season, I'll tell you my secrets!! Here we go....

Today's challenge: "What gifts would you like to give your favorite idol(s) for Christmas?"

First up, Hongbin:

Hongbin, Hongbin, Hongbin.....I think I'd buy him a new guitar, or something. A tuner? Sheet music that I think would suit him? A private lesson with Ed Sheeran who he might not really like but he would enjoy anyways? IDK, really. Oh, and Park Hyoshin socks, because everyone needs a pair of those.

Next, Ravi:

I've already given Ravi some pretty weird things (please don't remind me about the pen & paper), but I feel like I'd still want to give him something like that--something that would inspire him to write music! Maybe a CD of songs to inspire with some shoes. And some socks. The boys got a shoe/sock thing, you know hahahaha

And then, Leo:

Same thing as always; personalized song recommendations. Hahahahaha. I think I could give him something more tangible, but for someone who loves & is inspired by music like him, I'd just want to give him that!

Let's not forgot an old favorite...TOP!

Furniture. Duh.

I want to get Momo something, too!

I want to buy her something really cute -- like this a giant stuffed animal of a giraffe or another animal! Just something adorable!!

Annnnnnnd V!

A wide assortment of chokers. Just because.

What would you get your idol(s)?

Comment or make your own card to join in on the 12 days of K-pop :)
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