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It's finally the grand finale for our best and favorite drama, The King 2 Hearts! I'm sure I will miss this couple >< Let's have the discussion about this drama and the ending especially!! What do you all think?? How will it end?? For me, I wish that evil magician lose his mind, going crazy, and start cutting himself to death HAHAHAHA. Please tell me your opinion and the possible ending story!!
Yeah! I really wish that evil magician to be out of the scenario so we can see a happy ending....
omo it would be damn bloody hell satisfying if jae shin is the one to kill bong gu! but i think that would be us getting ahead of ourselves
I just got the preview! check it out!
i really wanna kill bong gu now..
less than five hours the moment of truth will revealed.... :)) hope there will be a happy ending after all the trials they encountered ..
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