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Emilys' P.O.V

So much for an explanation, Delilah. She tells me that we are not going to meet EXO, then she get's confidence and rebels against her mother's orders? What a night so far, huh? I quietly pack what she told me, my phone and a bag of necessities. I dig to find my old sports duffel bag. Still reeks. No one will notice the stench, right? Nah... My phone, charger, and wallet, anf my stuffed dog that I got when I was younger should do. I look back at that stuffed dog, before deciding to turn it over on its face. Buries the memory deeper that way, in my opinion. I look around my room once more, there's books scattered throughout the floor with gaming controls here and there. I also have several bats under my bed. a stereo silently sits in the corner, collecting dust, and waiting to be played.  My Diary of a Wimpy kid calender hangs on the barren wall, not one date circled or written underneath. My phone lights up with a text from Delilah. Delilah: Get your butt to the end of the driveway, need to talk ASAP -Cuzzy Out of habit, I check myself in the mirror before leaving. I have to bend down to see myself, my tall frame annoying me yet again. Did I mention I was taller than my older sister?We're 8 years apart and we were called twins! I was greeted in the mirror by pale blue eyes, dark circles, and a blonde rat's nest I called hair. Not to mention,  I was still in my pajamas. Delilah can wait a bit, serves her right for calling so late. I throw out a change of clothes that included a Space Invaders tee, a denim jacket, some jeans, and the likes. I get dressed before moving onto my hair and face."attempt" to brush my hair, but it didn't really work well. I just put it in a side braid so it doesn't cause much trouble. I wash my face to erase yesterday's makeup residue. I check myself in the mirror one last time before deciding I looked decent enough  for people to see me. I throw my stuffed duffle bag over my shoulder and head out the door.  I spot Delilah's small frame on the end of the driveway, talking on he cellphone. She was barely audible, she must be talking to her stepsister or something. I quietly close the door before walking down my driveway to stand beside her. "Listen up, here's the plan..."

Kaelas' P.O.V

I hang up my phone after conversing with my stepsister. What if I get to meet Kris? I know he's absent at the moment but I'll find a way. I grab my phone, charger, and my wallet. I look around the room and think to myself, What do I want to take? I spy my favorite stuffed animal sitting patiently on my bureau. It's Scooby Doo. I've seen all the episodes and even have most of the movie, vhs and DVD. I also have the comics. Basically,  everything is Scooby Doo except for the shirt I'm wearing which is a simple white vneck t-shirt with a softball logo. Well, maybe the word everything is pushing it. I'm sports obsessed so I have bats and other equipment scattered around on the floor. But my stepsister,  Delilah, made a Scooby Doo portrait on my wall for me. I throw him in the bag and start to head out.  I throw my stuff in the back and I hop into my car, well it's my stepsisters.  She's letting me borrow her Hummer since mines in the shop. ~see           I pull into her cousins driveway and see them standing there and talking. Delilah waves and I turn off the car. I step out and then lean across the car. "So we're doing this?" Delilah smiles, "Yeep!" I tell them to throw there stuff in the back. "Jae is suppose to call me in a bit." I nod, yawn, and then stretch. Delilah notices this, "I'll drive." She smiles and puts her hand out for the keys, "Are you sure?" She nods and I throw her the keys, Emily gets in the back and then leans toward the front and flips the radio on and switches it to 100.9. A song I haven't heard before flows throughout the car. So, I guess we're doing this. Even though I left a note for my mother, I feel like sh-- Shut up kaela, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity. I look over and Delilah is drumming on the steering wheel and Emily is singing along. I smile, lean back, and sing along with her. (Leave a comment below if you want more or just to say Hi, I don't bite.... hard. ;3)
I don't daughter does though.
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