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Last night i got into the dark side of the internet n it was really disturbing! This story is one of the most barbarous things i've found out yesterday. There were some videos also which I would have shared if they weren't so horrific. I didn't know things like this exist n even if they exist i never expected them to be so inhumane!! What bothers me more abt this is that the fucking rapist was left unharmed!! N ppl talk abt 'an eye for an eye will leave the whole world blind' shit, i give a fuck abt this! The best is to be 'an eye for 2 eyes' person. This bastard should have his anus cut n penetrated with a rod until his intestines come out. Then he must be cut in half starting from his crotch while hung upside down so that he doesn't die immediately n feel all the fucking pain!!! I know u must think i'm overreacting but no, i'm not! It's just that i hate injustice, it makes my blood boil!!!! What are your opinions abt this? @shannonl5 @danidee @nicolejb @InPlainSight @marshalledgar
@humairaa because they feel threatened. It's easier to dismiss something if they feel like they can laugh at it or call it crazy. They do exactly what grade school bullies do
Yeah, I'm sorry I couldn't finish reading this :(
@humairaa totally a hoax. It was a bunch of redditors that wanted to make people think feminists are crazy.
@shannonl5 i don't understand why ppl are hell bent on showing that feminism is bad n crazy. N the worst is when some laugh at u upon knowing u're a feminist, like what's so funny in that duh!
I will say child brides are a real thing, and it's so sad.
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