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There's just.....so many.....cute!!! Love Live! Christmas outfits, and I'm dying to cosplay at least one of the outfits....sigh. It's not going to happen this year, but I will definitely make sure to make this a reality someday!
This years Nozomi outfit is soooooo cute @.@
I would love to be able to just pull it together, but that's definitely not possible. I am going to keep my eyes out for it, though, because it'd be great to have for next winter!!! I think I could even make some of the props fairly easily, but I'll have to think more about it ^-^
Just look at these!! These are last years Christmas outfits, but I'm still dying over them....we would just be so cute as these characters ;_;

Does anyone else have dream "holiday" cosplays they haven't got around to doing?

I have halloween ones, valentine's ones, christmas ones....so many -_-....I gotta get on it!!