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I just had to explain to my sister that 50 degrees does not really equal winter weather. I've realized being raised in one of the sunniest cities in America has thrown off our internal thermometers.
@buddyesd I thought that said that your prostate fell to the ground. That would've been such an unfortunate and probably painful circumstance.
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@danidee I'm crushed...(clutches chest) my heart is broken...(falls to knees) why must you torment me so...(rain starts falling) I...can't...go on...(falls prostrate on the ground)
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floors dirty, note to self...time to vacuum
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@Lizzeh it's all good :) now how do you pronounce Beaumont hehehe
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@AimeeH is that like con? I been outta school for 30 and forgot half the stuff I didn't learn anyway
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