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When I deadlift -- my favorite lift in the whole wide world, it may look like I am doing far more reps than I should. However, it really just depends on the weight you can handle, and what your personal goals are. I've gone through so many different powerlifting programs. Some required that I lifted no more than three reps for my working set. I had other programs that required me to 'max out' in reps.
Currently when I deadlift, I am doing high reps. I do this at a lower weight I know I can handle without breaking my form. So when you see in my workouts "8 reps for deadlifts," I am probably using a weight that's about 60 percent or under of my max.

When you deadlift, do you have a certain number of reps/sets you perform?

Also if anyone has any questions about deadlifts, please let me know! I'd more than happy to answer them. :-)
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Oh... I don't do them. I just watch people as i drink my gym smoothie. The hardest part about the gym is going there in the first place. Once i arrive, i reward myself and leave.
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'I just watch people as I drink my gym smoothie" haha that made me chuckle for some reason. Yeah it's definitely hard to get up to go to the gym.
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I think 1. 1 is too many.
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I gym everyday.
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I usually stop when my form is giving out. :)
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