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鉂ikes: Sometimes a little too low. 鈽漇ometimes a little too high. It's everywhere. I'm just the first to point it out.
P.S. I gave each and every one of you an individual emoji by your tag, but Laxus is the only one that loads for some reason. LMBO. It's in the comments. (On the left of your name!)
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@Rockron97 Meanwhile....I"m a whale???? hahahahah
@Rockron97 but wait lol i'm laughing that all of these are at 69 XD even a few of my cards hahahaha. nice spot!
I'M A TIGER! 馃惎 The funny part is I'm like, two weeks shy of having the tiger be my Chinese zodiac animal!
@MimmiBumble01 馃悕Maybe you like Ochimaru! Or Anaconda by Nicki Minaj?
hahahaaa not really but I do love snakes, no complains in that perspective馃槉馃憤