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Hey guys!!!!! So Rap Monster won this last vote so this is his card!!! Thanks guys for voting and if your biase's card hasn't come up yet I promise that you will see it soon!!! XD (Credit to owners)!
Thanks guys and don't forget to vote for either Jimin, J-Hope, or Jin (LOL it is all the J's left XD). If this is your first card I already made a Jungkook, V, and Suga card so you can look for those as well!!! Thanks guys and don't forget to tell me which meme or gif was your favorite and if you want to be tagged for the other cards!!!! XD @BAbrajan1 @edwey66 @monicacerroblan @kfeind7 @TesneemElAlami @frisky199123 @SusiBosshammer @MadAndrea @sosoaloraine23 @EmilyGardner
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oh my please tag me. these are epic
2 years ago·Reply
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These gifs makes me realize why I stan his dorky self
2 years ago·Reply
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Wrap Monster lmao
a year ago·Reply