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I might kill Herang for not telling me about this job without time for shopping. But seriously OMG I am gonna work for YG entertainment! calm it's not that big of a deal just tutoring english to trainees...and idols...!!!!!!!!!~temple of doom (YGentertainment)~ How do you get in there? It's like a fortress okay stay cool. You: Excuse me I am the new English tutor-- Receptionist: Who reffered you? You: Uhh Herang reffered me. Receptionist: Go inside follow the signs for the CEO office. You: Thank you. ~~YG office~~ YG: Herang reffered you to me and I hope for your sake that his trust won't go to waste. Go downstairs make a left and go into the dance room to begin. Welcome to YG. You: Thank you sir. I should have dressed better. I should have worn makeup. I should never have agreed to this! Whatever it is too late now. But why was I told to bring five workbooks?...wait...FIVE? ~~door to the dance room~~ Hmm what are those noises? Muffled voice: GD when is the tutor getting here? GD: I don't know Seungri. GD and Seungri? Oh dear lord so it's true I can't believe this! Herang is Soo dead! **sorry this took so long to write I had finals so I was super busy.** @xsandos17 @kpopisnylife
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