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"Um...Okay. Can you stand up?" Namjoon asked. "No I can't.. just pick me up." I mumbled. "No, lay down so I can patch up the wound so you won't feel a lot of pain." He demanded. There was no point in arguing with him, because I wouldn't get anywhere trying to fight him. "Just make it quick, because I don't want.... him seeing me." I said. I lifted up my shirt, barely passed diaphragm. He looked at my stomach in awe, "This a really serious cut, how did you end up doing something this bad?" "I'm not exactly an angel child, you know." I answered. He opened his mouth as to say something, but he mumbled, "Yeah, I don't think anyone is." He pulled out a roll of gauze from his pocket. I looked at him confused, "Why do you have that?" He looked at the roll of gauze then back me, "Oh, this? I got into lots of fights at my old school, so I had to patch up my cuts and scrapes myself,  so the nurse wouldn't scold me." He gently wrapped the gauze around me; his fingers cold, yet have such a gentle touch to them. "Okay, you should be good now, but I'm going to carry you either way." He slowly helped me to me feet, then picked me up bridal style. I then had some thoughts; what happened to Namjoon? How many sides does this guy have? I tightly gripped my shirt, it hurt so bad I can't even describe the pain... I took deep breaths in. My vision began to get blurry and I grew tired. "Hyeon? Are you out here again? If I find you out here you're getting detention!" A teacher yelled. "Crap... hurry! We need to get out of here!" I whispered to Namjoon while tugging on his shirt. He nodded to me sneaking his way to the front gate. He pushed the gate slowly with his foot, while still managing to keep us unseen by the teacher. "Start going right from here." I said. He nodded while slowly starting to walk. I stayed silent, not making any eye contact with Namjoon. I closed my eyes, taking in the cool fall air. Namjoon broke the silence with a question, "Hey, Hyeon. Can I ask you some questions?" "Sure. I'm not going to answer it if I don't want to, though." I sighed. "Okay." He paused and stopped walking, as if he was working up the courage to ask his question, "Why do you smoke exactly?" "...Because I can, and no one can stop me." I said flatly. "But you're young, and extremely beautiful, Do you really want to ruin that for yourself?" He asked. My face flushed a light shade of pink as I coughed. "If you could pick up the pace, that would be great.. keep going straight once you reach the end of the street." He had realized how slow he was going, then sped up, "Okay, next question; why do you wear the boy's uniform, and not the girls?" "What is this? 20 questions?" I sighed. "Just answer the question, please." He asked. "Fine...I pretty much pick fights everyday, so I don't feel like flashing half of the school when I kick someone." He slightly laughed, "You're one of the most bad ass girls I've ever met, and you're afraid of flashing people?" I rolled my eyes and crossed my arms. "You're not a girl, so you wouldn't understand." "Ah, here. Turn to this house right here." I pointed to a Mansion like house. I pulled the key that I had attached to my necklace, and unlocked the gate. "You can wait in the living room, while I go grab what I need." I ordered him. He gave me a thumbs up as he sat on a couch. I rolled my eyes at him and made my way to my room. I opened the door into my room, inhaling the scent of cherries. I turned on the light to brighten my room. I walked over to my desk and looked through my desk. "Pills... pills... where are my pills?" I mumbled to myself. I searched ever where on my desk, but couldn't find then anywhere. Oh, crap; my dad might have went through my things this morning! I thought. I ran around my room tearing it apart. I had nearly destroyed my room looking for pills... yeah that tells alot about my health. I ran to my bathroom looking through my medicine cabinet. Luckily, I did have my pills there. "Hey, Hyeon? Are you okay? I heard something break." Namjoon knocked. I turned on the faucet and placed two pills in my mouth, and cupped my hands to get water. I slowly opened the door, that revealed Namjoon's worried face. "Yeah, totally fine. I uh.. just tripped." I said, keeping my cool. "No you're not, your cheek is bleeding." He said as he grabbed my chin. I pushed his hand away. "I'll be fine. You should go back to school; I'm not going back today." He started walking to the door and immediately stopped before he left, "So I don't forget;" He scribbled somthing down on a piece of paper, "Here's my phone number. Incase you need help with something." I took the scrap of paper and shoved it in my pocked. "Sure I'll consider it." I said. He opened the door and waved at me. I closed the door and sat on my couch. I don't need help from anyone, especially not a boy.
@Bitterlimelight It's all good, the extra n at the end tends to throws people off. 😀
yasss, also @Bitterlimelight add an extra n at the end of tracylynn, the poor person probably questions what this stuff is. 😂
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