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There is a hot korean guy at my school

there is a transfer student at my college who is korean and I don't know how to react...Please help me!!!
Yeah I would definitely treat him like a normal person, don't go all crazy on the Kpop, he may appreciate that you know something about his culture but don't let him think that's the only reason you want to talk to him. Just be friendly, I've had exchange students at my school and they are always eager to make new friends, so really all you have to do is be nice
The love & relationship community is really good for dating advice if that's what you're looking for? The best advice I've ever gotten has been to just say hello. Usually when people transfer it's sort of intimidating so you'd probably be making life easier for him by making him feel welcome. See if you two click from there?
Update on the Korean guy...I have his kakao!!!
get to know them. They are just like any other person. Try not to fangirl too hard... just be a good friend. just dont be stereotypical about it...
YAY 😄💕❤
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