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So a few days ago a BTS Run episode came out as you all know and this happened:
Jungkook wanted one of Jimin's 3 flags..Jimin rejected him.
Jimin stated the reason why he rejected him..
Members reacted to what Jungkook "said" to Jimin. *Jungkook's reaction*
Baffled, Jungkook threw down his flag. (Perfect oppertunity for Jhope lol)
*As you can see here Jungkook finished his tantrum.*
Just when all hope was lost for Jungkook...
*Happy Jungkook* (Lol Suga and Jhope though)
Jimin eventually gave Jungkook a flag and proved that like always he has a soft spot for our Golden Maknae.
Members questioned Jimin's reason for giving Jungkook a flag...
Jimin's reason "Jungkook is cute".
*Happy Golden Maknae* ♡~~
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this is why I love these two boys so much!
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Same !!
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