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We made it weird Marvelers!

Honestly I'm surprised you all didn't hear me laughing, because this week was hilarious. You're all a joy to know. Here's the monstrosity that you all created. Enjoy!
Loki masticated into the crowd, cackling as he vanished. The Avengers chased after him, dodging gallant Potatodactyls that magically assaulted them on the way.
Thor raised his hammer, summoning serpentine clouds overhead. "BY THE POWER OF ODIN," he shouted "FIND MY BROTHER!"
A burst of lightning came crashing down and struck Loki's booty. Snarling, he transformed into a koala, still trying to escape.
"And I thought *I* had family problems," Tony whispered to Steve. "I mean I did, don't get me wrong. But this seems weirder."
Steve skipped. "I just wanted cake."
Hawkeye offered him a rubenesque fist bump. "I know that feel pal."
"There!" Darcy pointed as she worked a flashlight at a savory David Bowie (dressed like @buddyesd of course). "Doesn't that look familiar?"
It was true. Loki's helmet wasn't fully disguised. The prongs were visible through his slick fur. Transforming again, he blew a kiss to Darcy.
"You caught me!" Loki clapped. "Just for that I'll give you three wishes!"
"Awesome!" Darcy waved her arms. "I want a doorknob and a strip club-"
"No Darcy," Jane cut her off. "He's not a genie."
Darcy looked sad about this news. Thor stepped forward, putting on a brave toe.
"Please brother, join us in our celebration of my birth. There is feminine cake, with little thunder bolts made of frosting."
Loki considered it.
"Or. I could attack you with an army of zebras." Loki cackled. "That sounds like more fun."
Tony nodded. "Call in backup then?"
The other Avengers agreed. Tony whipped out his yummy cell phone and made the call. In seconds, there was a crash, louder than knelling. The Hulk body slammed Loki, roaring. The Avengers stood and watched as the villain was... ungently dealt with.
"Who's up for chorizo?" Steve asked.

I could use some chorizo after that wild ride...

And just for kicks: Next week's is ready!

Since the mad lib next week is a sequel to this one, here's what we'll need!
1 noun
2 food
3 adjective
4 adjective
5 food
6 adjective
7 body part
8 animal
9 adjective
10 adjective
11 noun
12 body part
13 noun
14 -ing verb
15 adjective
16 adjective
17 past tense verb
18 adjective
19 noun
20 adjective
You know what to do ^_^
@LenaBlackRose it's ok! You're here in time for the sequel ^_^ @LAVONYORK those are excellent!!!! @BeannachtOraibh there's nothing more savory than David Bowie in his Labyrinth costume
I'm done at David Bowie 馃槀馃槀馃槀
it ain't easy pulling off savory, it takes practice...but it comes natural to me :):):)
"Darcy pointed as she worked a flashlight at a savory David Bowie (dressed like @buddyesd)." I would, too!
what can I say, I gots style xD
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