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Just had to share this with you guys. I was talking to my boyfriend today, and he told me possibly the most amazing crying in public story I've ever heard.
So he's a really tall, generally stoic kind of guy. And, like me, he likes to use his time on airplanes as an opportunity to catch up on all the popular movies he missed in the past 6 months – the blockbusters, the trashy rom-coms, etc.
On a recent flight, he decided to watch The Fault In Our Stars, not really knowing anything about it (which was obviously his first mistake). So he's sitting in the middle seat, and it's not long before he finds himself full-out WEEPING between two strangers, who I imagine were very worried for this poor, tall 20-something. Like, tears streaming down his cheeks, holding back sobs, crying.
Imagining this whole scene as he told me the story is the hardest I've laughed in a while. Sorry, boyfriend. XD
Do any of you have funny crying in public stories? I feel like there's gotta be a goldmine out there... I definitely have some of my own, but I need more time to brainstorm them lol.
@AlloBaber I don't have any public ones but ya gotta be a real man to cry in front of your kids while watching bambi lol
I probably would @nicolejb hahaha. @ButterflyBlu @InPlainSight @danidee @buddyesd do you guys have any good crying in public stories??
I cried on a plane too! But I was watching Inside Out... lol. I cried a lot in the library during college. That was mostly stress-induced though. I cry basically anywhere, anytime.
One day in fourth grade in class I experienced déjà vu and I started crying because it scared me 😂
Hahahaha awww poor @nicolejb!! <3 Inside Out... that's another tearjerker I've been avoiding lol. I'm sure I've cried in libraries in college too!
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