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Moments are slipping like sand from palm And the moon is rushing to find its calm Here I am playing with butterflies made of glass These trembled lips have kissed the cold grass With scorched lips, I made the grass melt But the butterflies shattered keeping the sand held The heart inside me pranced to jump out And the soul searched for the wings to leave pity drought My eyes were gazing for her warmth And hands crafting the glass and grass to reform The morning light brought the shine to the eyes And heart then glittered with hope not lies The hands worked and created her statue Was then the heart skipped a beat and soul found the true virtue Sun bestowed the light and love to the petrified soul And the dream was broken to save me from the ghoul I was awaken in the arms for which my hands craved And the trembled lips kissed the cold skin my eyes gazed All of me was shaken by the dream which was now in my arms And my heart had found its purpose to beat, the soul its calm The face glimmered with love under the moonlight And I was blessed by the gods above to hold her so tight With all my love I held her close to my heart And changed the destiny to choose the path of never being apart
This is amazing!