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It's crazy how celebrities can make all the difference.

A few years back, you couldn't get too many people to wear a pair of pumas because they weren't 'cool'. Fast forward a couple years and you can barely find any in stock thanks to well known celebrities like Solange and Rihanna who launched collections with the brand. Pumas have easily become extremely popular all of a sudden [I have always liked them], especially the specific 'Rihanna Creeper'. I mean who wouldn't want to wear a pair of sneakers created by Robyn Fenty herself. She's amazing and that's no secret.
The creeper has literally been sold out in stores and online for weeks because it's become such a hot commodity. Trust me, I've been trying to get my hands on a pair for a few weeks now, much to no avail. While I patiently wait for the shoes to be restocked and quickly sold out once again -- I've been admiring the shoe from a distance and you can do the same. Keep scrolling to bask in all the popular sneakers beauty including a cameo of our favorite girl Lena Dunham rockin' a pair.

Oh, Hey Lena!

Would you rock a pair of Rihanna Creepers?

They're both black, sadly! I wish she had a blue pair though @catchyacrayon
I would totally get the blue ones 馃憣馃徎馃挄
I would buy the first ones because they are cute.
I'd imagine that once again this popular shoe in no way will come in my size. However I would consider it if they made them in a woman's twelve.
They do!! I need them so bad @LAVONYORK
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