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We've all heard this phrase before, "If you fail to plan, then you plan to fail." It's sobering because beside being true, it's staggering to consider just how often I fail to plan, which translates to all the times I have purposely planned to fail. All I want to do is MAKE GAINZ!
Also true is this quote, "Gainz are made in the kitchen."
And it's so on the money because I had a nice chat with my nutritionist and she said the same thing. Turns out, the real effort (for body builders, etc.) is taking the care needed to following a real meal plan. Check with your nutritionist first, but 80% of muscle building and body transformation comes from your eating habits.
You can lift for 3 hours a day, but if your diet consists of haphazard drive-thrus and late-night ice cream binging, then you'll be one of those that lives at the gym without any real progress. Personally, I want to be the guy that gets noticed for making huge changes in a short amount of time. However, let's get one thing clear--I AM NOT ABOUT the 21-day transformations that are ripe with fraud and seem to be ubiquitous with social media. It's exhausting if not demoralizing, seeing these lanky dudes blow up to beast size in less than 14 days!
My time frame is, as I've mentioned before, a 3-year body transformation. That doesn't mean that I will be done in three years. But it is the time frame that I would like to see SIGNIFICANT IMPROVEMENTS IN MY BODY. And I think it's totally achievable too.
Take a look at Musclemania Champion, Youssef Sawaby. He is the first Arabia Fitness Model for Musclemania and has achieved epic body sculpting through, you guessed it, proper diet and coaching. He did this in three years.
Am I looking to be as huge as this guy? Not particularly. However, I wouldn't say no either.
How to get on the path to success:
1. Get a food scale. I bought mine for $25 at Bed Bath & Beyond.
2. Get a Costco membership. It's $35 annually and worth every cent!
3. Order cheap/durable food containers. Mine are from Fitpacker, which I got for $25.
4. Pay for a nutritionist. Mine was a fitness-pro and cost $350. AWESOME!
5. Follow your meal plan religiously!
6. Take notes/pictures of your progress.
If you have questions about this, let me know.
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Awesome, @marshalledgar!! Really proud of you for how far you've already come in your health and fitness journey :) thanks for keeping us all updated!! Food scale – I'm guessing that's for sizing portions?