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Hey Vingle Nakama!

I. Love. The Nightmare Before Christmas. Like, wayyyy more than a man my age should. It was one of only two VHS tapes we owned when I was a real young'un. (The other one was Land Before Time) I watched the movie so many times, it's bonkers. I even saw it again in theaters in high school when they did that touched-up version in 3D.
So I lost my goddamn marbles when I found this Naruto/NBC AMV. The song What's This? is actually one of my all time favorite songs from that movie.
This is just a perfect mashup for me, and I had to share it!
Also, if you haven't yet, be sure to try out @hikaymm's Deck the Halls with Anime Christmas event! You can find the original card here.
Tagging Nakama!
Vin you should tag me when you're doing these cards c: lol
Ahhhh hahaha this was a great combo
love this song and anime best combo
You already know I love naruto but I also love the nightmare before christmas as well but I couldn't help but laugh haha soo odd but still entertaining ^.^