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Article from 2015 explaining the reason we are seeing a huge decline in the bumblebee population that is vital to our ecosystem! @nicolejb
Thanks for sharing!! The link isn't working on my phone though :( what's the main reason?
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@nicolejb climate change "Scientists expected bumblebees to simply move into cooler climates, abandoning their habitats as temperatures went up and moving towards the poles. But they didn’t. Instead they found that colonies were neither migrating away from nor surviving in their newly uninhabitable homes. While the reason for this isn’t completely clear, one theory suggests that the plant populations in cooler areas are too difficult for bumblebees to adapt to." I've also hea4d a dis3ase that honeybees get are passing onto bumblebees which shouldn't cross different species. this makes me really sad!!!
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Oh nooo yeah out of all the bees I really like honeybees the most. They are SO important for pollination too @ButterflyBlu :)
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