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Has Anyone Tried Trdelník? Pastry from Prague
I read about this traditional Slovak pastry called Trdelník on National Geographic. Has anyone ever tried it before? It sounds amazing and looks sooo good.
Apparently it's cooked while spinning on a rotisserie of sorts, and then dusted with cinnamon and sugar. You can get them from street vendors in cities like Prague, in the Czech Republic.
As if I didn't want to go to Prague badly enough before! Check out a few more photos:
It just looks amazing!! Has anyone on here ever tried Trdelník before?!
*drooling* I want it and it looks like a weird delicious spiraling churro
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Yessss @SydneyHogg have you tried churros dipped in melted chocolate?! SO GOOD
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yes it is heaven omggggg @AlloBaber
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yes... tasty mmmm
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