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It's no secret that Beyonce does it better.

I mean seriously, can Beyonce do any wrong? I'll wait [having a Kanye moment]. If there were to be a celebrity ugly sweater party, based on this festive and rather unique looking sweater -- Beyonce would've won, hands down. It's somewhat hard to call it an ugly sweater when Queen Bee makes everything look so good.
You can tell that she put a lot of effort and time into this sweater and because of that it only makes you want to love it even more. Well, let's just hope that she won the ugly sweater contest if she was indeed on her way to a party. If not, who cares? She's the Queen, she can gladly walk around the city in an ugly sweater all she wants. If you happen to need a couple sweater options yourself, click [here] for some ugly sweaters perfect for an ugly sweater party this holiday.

Do you think you can out do Beyonce?

Prove it below.