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Whether you agree with cosmetic enhancement or not, it is something that I have thought about for several years but never actually pursued until now.
Yes, the photo that you see is of me and a simulation only--meant only to give a semi-realistic idea of what I can expect. Unfortunately, you can't simulate every procedure.
My procedures (Phase I):
* Rhinoplasty (nose job)
* Chin implant
* Natural fillers (under the eye)
* Synthetic fillers (along the jawline)
Based on how well these go, I am also looking at a couple other procedures for Phase II, which include:
* Forehead reduction
* Blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery)
* Veneers
* Neck lift
Surprisingly, while I come from a family that is ambivalent about cosmetic surgery, of whom, some have had work done themselves, it was my twin brother that voiced disappointment over my decision to move forward with this. I'm not sure if it's a twin thing or a brother thing or what...
While we have looked identical, for years, we are not. We're fraternal. But my desire for enhancement doesn't stem from wanting to look different or unlike my brother. It just comes from a purely vanity perspective. It's not about looking like someone else. I will always look like me, just enhanced. The 2.0 version, which will be symmetrical, aligned and more pleasing to the eye.
For those wondering, I found my doctor through
I love the sight because it is a one-stop site where you can get information on every procedure, cost, pros/cons, access to real doctors, scores, ratings, before and after pictures, and real feedback from real patients. While I don't advocate for cosmetic surgery, I do advocate for looking and feeling your best. If that means staying the way you are, then be blessed! If it means going under the knife, then be blessed!
My surgeries are scheduled for January 22nd. Just one day, with a week of downtime. They already told me, DON'T LOOK IN THE MIRROR because it's not going to be a pretty sight! Typical procedures like these will take 6-9 months to settle into permanence.
If you have questions or opinions on the matter, then please share. Negative opinions on the matter are fine too, just try not to be rude. LOL Everyone is entitled to their opinion.
Really?! @Butterflyblu? Thanks! My main concern, more than the pain, is my ablity to breathe and being congested and sneezing and all that stuff. They prescribed Fioricet, so I'm not too worried about the pain.
I hope everything goes well, dear! I'll most definitely have you in my thoughts. Just keep reminding yourself that rhinoplasty is worth it! 馃槀 I cursed. A lot. Lol. But they had to rebuild my septum. 馃槄馃檮馃槨
You are too sweet and kind. Thank you @butterflyblu for your thoughts, prayers and well wishes. :) Means a lot! @Allobaber created a card too, which was so sweet.
@marshalledgar you are so welcome!! I'm really glad he's not packing your nose. :D I'm just SO excited for you! I can't wait to see how it all turns out. ^_^ I will be thinking of you, dear, for sure!! You're going to do Amazing. I know it! 馃挏
THANK YOU SO MUCH @butterflyblu. :) I have some great people around me that are going to help. My dr. said he probably WILL NOT pack my nose, so I guess that's a good sign. He's shaving the hump, aligning it straight and retooling the tip and nostrils. Minor stuff. hahaha You're right about avoiding mirrors. My face is going to be swollen from the fillers and also from the chin implant. eeeeek! I am excited. I will be nervous tomorrow when I go in.
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