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Okay, dudes. So my skin has been SUPER CLEAR recently, and I'm hell bent on keeping it that way.
I struggle with acne a bunch during my teen years, and still get my fair share of blackheads and blemishes. But I notice that once I quit smoking, started eating healthier, and started doing more exercise to manage my stress, my skin looked a heck of a lot better.
In the interest of helping myself (and you, oh beautiful Vinglers!) get clear, healthy, flawless skin, here are some quick & dirty tips.

Golden Rules

Following these golden rules is the first step towards keeping your skin healthy and happy!
1. No smoking.
2. Wear sunscreen every day.
3. Eat healthy.
4. Exercise.
5. Manage stress.

When it's shower time...

Avoid taking burning hot baths and showers.
Use warm water instead! It's more gentle on the skin.
Don't overcleanse.
Your skin needs its natural oils to keep it supple, elastic, and young-looking. Using a harsh soap can strip your skin of these natural moisturizers. Choose a mild, all-natural soap – or even baby soap!
Pat dry, don't rub.
Gently pat your skin dry, rather than roughly toweling yourself off.
Use body lotion or oil (I love coconut oil) to moisturize your skin after showering. Using coconut oil on my legs after shaving makes them DREAMILY soft. I love that feeling. :)

When it's meal time...

Make sure to eat lots of these:
vitamin C
leafy greens
colorful fruits and vegetables
And not a lot of these:
processed foods
refined carbohydrates
greasy, fatty foods
dairy products
And of course, drink LOTS of water!

During the day...

Don't touch your face.
During the day, our hands come into contact with all kinds of dirt and germs. Putting all that bad stuff on your face is a surprisingly big cause of acne. And as far as we're on the subject, that also means – NO PICKING! Even light picking can cause permanent skin damage. Touching your pimples pushes the bacteria even deeper into your skin.
Sanitize your smartphone.
What do you touch with your dirty hands all day? Your phone, of course! And when was the last time you cleaned the germs off that? When you put your phone up to talk, all those germs come into contact with your face.
Get your beauty sleep!
This is vital for all-over health, not just for your skin. Getting enough sleep is one of the biggest ways to make sure your face is glowing, well-rested, and fresh.

These should be in your skincare routine!

As mentioned above, SPF is absolutely vital. It's the best way to keep your skin looking young. 90% of wrinkles are caused by sun damage!
If you're not using an anti-aging or regenerative serum, you should start. They make a big difference, and aren't as expensive as you might think!
Exfoliate once a day to remove dirt from pores.
And remember, the order in which you use products is just as important as what you use. Cleanse and exfoliate first, then follow with the product with the most active ingredients. Of these, the most water-soluble should be applied first, and then followed by the thicker, more creamy products. Finally, moisturize!

Follow these rules and rock that clear skin, everybody! :)

Now, I know I may appear pretty knowledgeable with all these tips, but in reality, I do a lot of research before writing my cards. Here are my sources: Mayo Clinic, Women's Health.
The REAL Vingle guru of skincare is the lovely @amobigbang!! Make sure you check out her Winter Routine for Skincare here. I also really really love her cards on the Oil Cleansing Method and How to Get Pretty Feet! :) Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us, girl! :* <3
Anybody got other great skincare tips? I'd love to hear! Make a card and tag me in it!! ^_^