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hALP I CAN'T STOP Also, the Naruto edit is NOT 69!!!! You know that feeling you get when you're away from a loved one for so long so it's like your whole world is turning upside down? That's how it is for Sasuke! It's not 69ing JESUS CHRIST If anyone makes another 69 joke, I'm deleting this
I also made this XD
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@VinMcCarthy YES INDEEDY! :)
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@TiffanyWallace 馃槀 just sayin! don't worry 'bout it!
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@kawaiiporpoise at first I thought you were making fun of me. I was so confused....
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@TiffanyWallace naw son I wasn't XD I was just saying bcuz everyone keeps saying they're 69ing but they're not XD
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Oh lol
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