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It's about to be the end of 2015, and you know what that means?! Facebook memories! (duh) But last year, these Facebook memories got a little bit of criticism.

They showed the bad stuff.

Memories of a past relationship that failed, bad pictures your friends tagged you in, even just those embarrassing rating statuses (you still regret venting on Facebook).
So now they are promising one thing: you shall only receive the good stuff! The new feature is more filtered, it allows the user to have a little bit more control to only pick out the things they like.
It's a good method in theory, but I want to challenge it a bit. Social media tends to be a place we share our good stuff, and don't really showcase the bad. Facebook is trying to perpetuate that. Now, if social media is teaching us that... When will we ever share the not-so-good messy sides of ourselves?

What do you think of only sharing the good stuff? Too filtered, or are you happy that Facebook will make these changes?

I think Facebook is getting stupid again and I may not use it much but it always has been... so I don't really know
@DaivonUnderwood Facebook is King right now though, we have to acknowledge their dominance, that's for sure. Yeah you still have a choice to post or not, that would be awful if it just posted @missophiestik, it does automatically show you it though...on your own feed. if that makes sense.
I don't have FB. lol
I dunno. Right now it's Facebook and Google going neck and back @DaivonUnderwood I'd love to see some other company take them down with something totally different.
True! But for how long?🤔until they do something else! 😲😏 @nicolejb
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