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Rooftop Prince is just finished ! Now I'll upload screenshots :D AND ! Do you participate in the event? Let's celebrate Yoochun's birthday ! Part 1 : Part 2 : Part 3 : Part 4 : Part 5 : Part 6 : Part 7 : Part 8 : Part 9 : ==================================== >Crown Prince LG comes back to Joseon! OMG... As he dressed up, he looks so weird!Haha Ohh! LG meets Chisan!! He is being trailed by military! >>Oh! Chisan and LG meet Yongsool and Manbo. But they change clothes ! How come?? They exchange clothes with a chewing gum. lol Is Wangseja(Crown Prince) alive?? You said that you got rid of Wangseja(Crown Prince),didn't you? >> LG and 3 guys come back to the palace. It's strange ! They lived several months in Seoul. But it was just a day in Chseon!! LG will investigate the murder of the Crown princess and sets up a special investigation department, and arranges to meet all of the Crown Princess' family. >>LG asks to Crown Princess' family where Buyong is. They said that Buyong in in the house because of epidemic. LG said, "Then, now I reveal the truth!" >>A week before Crown Princess died, LG and Buyong met in the palace. When Buyong fell down, LG helped her:D He asked whether she solved a puzzle, and she said no. Buyong met her sister crown princess and she gave a letter from their father, powder and a handkerchief for LG. >>When Buyong came back home, she said Mochang-gun(Taemu/LG's half brother) with her father. They seemed conspire to rebel.... didn' they?? >>Oh... Buyong felt somthing strange! She read the letter... What did their father say? Oh no.. His father and Mochang-gun found that Buyong saw the letter!!! >>"Catch Hong's daughter Buyong. If it's difficult, you can kill her!" >>No.... Don't eat dried persimmon!! It's a trap!! >> Yeah, Buyong arrived the right time! She interrupted LG to eat dried persimmon!! Crown princess scattered poison on dried persimmon... Buyong said, she figured out the answer of the puzzle. >> - LG : What is the thing, live but die, die but live?? - Buyong : The answer is.... Buyong. - Crown princess : Buyong, why you say your name for the answer?? - Buyong : Buyong is a lotus flower on the pond. When flowers fall off, they run to seed. Also, according to Buddhist teachings, Buyong means rebirth. >>Buyong said. Since I answered to the puzzle, please give me a prize. I want to receive the dried persimmon. Oh no... what does she think??? Look at the crown princess ! She didn't know what to do! >> Oh... so sad.... Buyong always look at the crown prince... But he didn't know the truthT_T Because of the poison, Buyong felt bloated T_T_T >> - Crown Princess : Why do you spoil the plan?? If you died, our family would never get away. - Buyong : Unni.. Please save crown prince ! - Crown Princess : ..How? - Buyong : I'll change your clothes and fall down into a well. People might think you died. With this way, we can save crown prince, family and you! >>Buyong and crown princess exchange their clothes! More and more, Buyong felt deadish.. But she only think crown prince......So sad..:( >> .... She died by drowning....Really?? No.... >> Military search Hong's house and find crown princess. At the same time, Mochang-gun run into the house and attack him !!! WTF !!! Mochang-gun shoot an arrow to crown prince !!!! >> BUT!! We know, THE PENDANT! Because of the Buyong's pendant, he can save his life !! >> LG finds a letter from Buyong. She writes, - Crown prince.. If you read this letter, it means you are safe. So I am okay. In fact, I love you. I hope you are okay. So even I died, I am okay. SO SAD ㅠ_ㅠ >> LG writes a letter to Bakha. "I arrived safely. I wonder you are okay.." Then, he burys the letter. Where ? May be you can guess the place! The place LG gave Bakha the wedding gift :) And our brillant Bakha finds the letter :) Our prince said, "I miss you! If I can touch you, I wanna die now ! I have to say that I love you more.." >> Ohhhhhhhhh Someone orders an apple juice in Bakha's shop. But Bakha doesn't see his face. Why T_T Can you guess??? >> Crown prince and 3 guys make omerice(fried rice wrapped in a thin omelette.) Crown prince thinks of Bakha. He feels sad :( >>Bakha gets a post card. It's the card of Bakha's picture :) She goes to the place the card mentioned. And....... Can you guess? Who does she meet?? For you, I wanna upload THE LAST SCENE :) >> LG : Why do you late? I wait for a long time :) Bakha : Where were you?? I wait for you here. "Even 300 years passed away, I LOVE YOU !" ==================================== Our rooftop Prince is OVER !! Yeah, Bakha meets Taeyong. BUT You know, The crown prince is reincarnated as Taeyong. So, Taeyong said, "Even 300 years passed away, I LOVE YOU !" Anyway, it's over !!! Oh no.... I wanna see LG and Bakha more !!!! Do you like this ending? It was quite a happy ending:) Don't you think?
honestly.. # 1 in my heart..
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