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what you guys think ? what's your favorite Disney movie
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Love Big Hero 6. Just watched it a couple nights ago. My favorite Disney movie? If we're talking conventional, The Lion King hands down. Unconventional, Treasure Planet. 3D CGI, Wreck It Wralph. Everytime I watch it, I always start to tear up.
But I also own, Oliver and Compnay, Peter Pan, Aristocats, The Rescuers 1&2, The Little Mermaid 1,2,&Prequel, and I know I'm missing a ton more.
You should put this in the Disney community, so all the Disney fans can comment! :D But if I had to pick an all-time favorite Disney movie.. probably Aladdin. I was a little girl when that came out, and my family is Middle Eastern, so I felt like this movie was MADE FOR ME when I was six years old lol. It only took me a few years to realize Agrabah is kind of a cultural mish-mash and there's no real place like it in the real world.
@danidee I love Aladdin I going to draw jasmine and Aladdin
You should! I love drawing Jasmine. I like her big gold earrings lol.