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Star Wars: The Force Awakens will be in theaters by the end of this week (AREN'T YOU EXCITED) and sometimes it's hard for me to remember that there are people who haven't seen the original Star Wars movies.
That being said, after trolling the Internet for everything Star Wars (I'm pretty sure I read every single spoiler-free review of the movie coming out later this week), I found one of the most adorable videos on the Internet.
Not only does it make me get those parental feels (see: "oh god, oh god, I want to be a dad" feels) I also get a little nostalgic watching this guy's little buddy get excited for Star Wars the same way I did when I was a little baby. There's a pair of words that I like to think about when I think about what Star Wars means to me and they're Childlike Wonder.
And there really isn't anything like it, feeling like anything is possible. Like what you've seen is exactly what you wanted/needed but you didn't know it.
And watching this video reminded me of all that. And part of me wanted to identify with the kid. Asking all those questions, getting some of the names wrong but still feeling confident enough to ask them anyway. But I couldn't.
I'm at this point in my life where most of my friends have been in long term relationships and/or are getting married. Some of them even have little kids of their own. And most days, I feel relieved that I'm not in that position. But there's another side of me -- one I almost never talk about -- that really, really wants to be in that position.
At times I feel lucky because I've met someone who I think I can spend the rest of my life with. And while I'm excited to just have another person next to me when I go to bed, I'm even more pumped for what our future could be like. I don't really talk about this in detail with my person because of that fear of scaring them away. But I really want to start a family with them.
As I watched this video, I thought more and more about what that might be like. How I'd do the same thing -- but probably not post it on the Internet -- and be so excited for the reaction our kid would have to something I love so much. There's something really entrancing and beautiful about sharing your life with someone and I really want to get that started.
And watching this video reminded me of all those feelings I have.
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Awwww!!!! Duder was 6, too!! 馃挏 Lol maybe I should do a card about when Levi watched it the first time... It was super special. I cried because I knew that it would have been CRAZY special to my husband if he had been alive... (He was an UBER FAN.) but I didn't let him see that part. It was Awesome.
Awwww @ButterflyBlu <3 my brother made his wife watch it for the first time and he got SO EXCITED!
I was about four when I saw the original saga
You must have good parents @DaiGakuSei
@nicolejb like everyone else, they're far from perfect.