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Hey everyone! I'd like to start off by saying that I'm here to help out @hikaymm with her Deck the Halls idea for the holidays, so go check her and her Deck the Halls collection out! Okay guys so just click that blue text right over there if you want to follow her "Deck the Halls" collection so you can see all things Decky and Hally!
So here is the picture so if all of you guys and girls want to, you can respond with your answers in card form as well. I'd also like to say Happy Holidays from me and the Deck the Halls crew! Finally, LET'S BEGIN!!!
Alright so to me, when I think of an anime that is just supposed to be set in winter, I think of Toradora. I think of the many things that happened during winter in this show, and especially how warm and fuzzy it made me feel, despite the cold climate. It feels like this whole show was just leading up to winter, and how everything else just played itself out during the season.
All in all, Toradora is an anime that I watched originally in winter last year, and this show became one of my favorite romantic comedies. I've watched it a few more times since then, and I have to say that when I watch it in winter, like right now *hint hint everyone who hasn't seen it go watch it*, I enjoy it the most. My favorite episodes were all winter themed in the show, mostly because- nah you guys are gonna have to find out yourselves if you want to know :)
And finally, I'd to thank you all again for being a part of this Deck the Halls with Anime idea. Also, I would really like to see all your comments down below about today's topic! Okay so remember to keep up with the Deck the Halls uploads and we'll see you all tomorrow for the next card!
@hikaymm you definitely should! It's so heartwarming at times but at the same time it can be a real tear-jerker
@VinMcCarthy @hikaymm the same like a great idea oh and happy holidays
@VinMcCarthy well thanks for that haha
awesome! I need to get on mine now
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