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What's tradition nowadays anyway?

According to this newlywed, apparently nothing and it's perfect. This recent bride decided to switch things up on her wedding day and sing while walking down the aisle. Not only is her voice magnificent, but the song fits perfectly [“You Raise Me Up” by Josh Groban].
Let's not forget to add that fact that her father chimes in on the song as well. Talk about a moment to remember forever. Keep scrolling to hear this bride blow you away.

How amazing was that entrance for a wedding?

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This is so me!! haha I would perform at my wedding too XD singer problems
OHGOSH when the choir joins in :'(
I totally agree! I think it's so amazing that she decided to do something different from the traditional bride. Definitely beautiful @cindystran and Righhhhhhht! The emotional feels kicked in at that very part @nicolejb
definitley! @marshalledgar