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Two Truths and a Lie: Wolverine Style!

How well do you know Logan?

Last week we did Iron Man, so it's time for another fan favorite character! I'll tell you three facts about Wolverine, only one of them will be a lie! You'll guess in the comments, and I'll share the answer next week! Here we go:
1. He's as tall as Mila Kunis. Which is not very tall.
2. Being run over by a steamroller didn't kill him.
3. He's a republican.

Here's the answers from last week!

1. Tom Cruise and Nicholas Cage were both considered for the film role. TRUTH
2. His founded the avengers, but stepped down for Cap to take over. TRUTH
3. Stan Lee thought of "the quintessential capitalist" hero + wrote his first appearance. LIE
Yup. Even though Stan Lee thought of Iron Man, he actually didn't have time to write the character's first appearance because he was working on other projects. And aren't we all thankful Robert Downey Jr. was chosen instead! Thank you to everyone who guessed!

Let's see how you do this week!

Okay I checked my facts and I did have it mixed up you are right @nberry1620
huge jackman is over six foot tall actually, wolverene the character is short though. @DanielSpazJames
haha, I'm just playin. #3 I wouldn't know one way or another if I didn't know for a fact the first two are correct and one of the three has to be a lie. Process of elimination I suppose.
@nberry1620 cause I don't see him as a Republican
I know wolverene is short... like 5'2" or something.. He can survive damn near anything. So I'ma say number three is false because I seriously doubt it was ever stated if he was a republican or democrat.
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