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Yesterday there was a lot of speculation on where Hideo Kojima was going to land post-Konami Doo Doo (that's the term I completely made up to describe how terribly Konami had treated this whole Metal Gear Solid/Kojima debacle). I wanted to speculate where Kojima would ultimately end up but I'm glad the whole thing has been resolved/announced quickly.
But even though Sony announced yesterday that Kojima is going to be working exclusively with Sony on any future projects, I wonder what they'll be. As an artist and a creator, Kojima spent most of his career working within the Metal Gear Solid series. But now that he's separated from Konami and Metal Gear is essentially a Konami license, what will Kojima create from here on out?
We can hope that maybe that Norman Reedus/Guillermo Del Toro collaboration will start up again under a different name but how would that game work? If P.T. was a standalone story divorced from the Silent Hills license, would it be just as intriguing? Probably, maybe, or it'd be something we haven't really experienced before.
Kojima is known for pushing the boundaries of what can be done in video games. The gameplay mechanics he added into ever iteration of MGS were things that haven't really been done before (breaking the fourth wall to beat bosses, having a camouflage index that let's you know how well enemies can see you, or just eating in order to continue playing are a few that come to mind).
So, I wonder what's in store for us -- as gamers -- when it comes to Kojima's next project. He's an obvious creator and artist when it comes to his work and he puts extra effort in creating his games but without knowing much of what he can do outside of the realm of Metal Gear is there a chance that we'll be disappointed?
It's probably too early to tell, honestly. And that's fine. For now, I'm excited and I can't wait. I just hope that whatever he and Sony do together in the future won't have as much controversy surrounding it as his recent work with Konami.
If you want to watch the full announcement, you can do so below. Also attached is his new Kojima Production logo which is pretty badass looking to me. It looks very Metal Gear inspired and it's pretty fitting. Here's to hoping that Kojima's new future is a bright one.