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So, I was watching Oh My Venus when I thought, "hmmm, let me get my lazy tail up and check the mail." I open the mailbox and it's a bag inside...Could it be? Nah, it couldn't be. I run back inside with the bag and open it up. THIS was inside.
Just in time for BTS on ASC...right after I finished this long hard semester...My mom (bless her heart) bought me a BTS sweatshirt, a Big Bang MADE jacket, a SHINee sweatshirt and the famous donut hoodie😭😭 In a Jaehyung Park fashion, #mymomisliterallythebestmomever #therealest #feelstakingover If anyone needs me, I'll be catching up on Oh My Venus and doing the Just Right choreo in my hoodie while trying to look like Mark😩😂
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I got my daughter the donut hoodie for Christmas this year!!! cool mom you got there!!!!
@ElleHolley I'm sure she will enjoy it! I know that I am enjoying mine haha
Sooo lucky
I love watching Oh My Venus I'm obsessed with it lol
@StefaniTre same. Idk what I got myself into and I don't even care lol this show is life