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Who should make an appearance in the Marvel films?

We know that the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe is connected (which means the shows and the movies take place in the same continuity), but we don't often see a lot of crossover. Samuel L. Jackson has appeared as Nick Fury in most of the films, as well as Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., but wouldn't it be neat to see a little more crossover? So: If you had to choose, would you rather see Daredevil back in cinemas, or would you rather Phil Coulson return and spook the Avengers? Because either way, it would be totally epic. Bonus points for anyone that wants to tell us how it should go down!
Daredevil. Steve meets him on the side walk and noticing that he's blind asks him if he needs help across the street (because he's such a great dude) but he politely refuses . Later on captain and daredevil end up fighting alongside each other ( for whatever reason) and cap realizes they're the same person so he goes "I see why you didn't need my help" or something like that idk I really like Daredevil and would like to see him in some movies.
I say daredevil. Everyone would be pretty upset if they found out coulson
I would love to see Matt Murdock in the MCU. Coulson is an awesome character, but his death was the reason why the Avengers didn't give up in the fight against Loki in the first Avengers. If they brought him back, it would kinda be like a slap in the face for me.
Both but mostly daredevil for me :)
Sadly, I know neither. But if we are talking looks wise I would go for Daredevil!!! Lol 馃檲
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