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{DD} Preliminary round: Kakashi Hatake VS Laxus Dreyar

Hey there Vingle Otaku, it's Daigakusei, I have a pretty damn good matchup for you. two lightning wielding badasses, Kakashi of the Sharingan and Laxus of Fairy Tail.
Kakashi Hatake: the sixth Hokage. he is the highest ranking shinobi of the Konohagakure, and a proficient wielder of many jutsu and weapons. his mastery of jutsu includes, but isn't limited to: the Raikiri, rasengan, various earth style, fire style, and water style jutsu, etc.
Laxus Dreyar: The Lightning Dragon Slayer Laxus is a man who, as a young child, had a dragonslayer lacrima implanted into him by his father. he later in life became strong enough to be an S class wizard, with the use of lighting dragonslayer magic. He has mastered the use of the spell Fairy Law, which has the capability to instantly destroy anyone the caster views as an enemy. he also single handedly defeated his father's guild, Raven Tail, when he was in a magic tournament.
Okay Vingle Nakama and Otaku, the choice is yours! who would win, based on Skills and capability, not on who would win. @TylerDurso @tbell @VinMcCarthy Voting is Over! the Winner: Kakashi!
Kakashi hands down he's to smart even though Laxus is stronger once laxus lands a blow just to find out it was a shadow clone Kakashi will behind him with a kuni on his neck
Kakashi Hatake
I love Kakashi he's a great fighter, however the copy ninja that copies ninjutsu....not magic. I'm giving this one to Laxus, Kakashi main move is lightning, however a charkra based lightning I think Laxus would absorb it. Laxus is also faster than kakashi, he's fast but not Laxus fast. Winner in my opinion, Laxus!
@antman8thhokage true haha if Laxus gets caught in Kakashi's Kamui, he'll spend a very long time in there, or at least however long it takes for him to starve (if Kakashi decided to be that brutal)
Oh god, as much as I love Kakashi, Laxus would crush him. He's 2nd Gen Dragon Slayer, able to fight head to head with Natsu. Come on.
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