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This DIY project is so simple and is perfect for adding a little extra flair and sparkle to your living space this holiday season. This DIY tutorial comes from the great people at Pitter & Glink and By Stephanie Lynn.


For this project, you will need:
-- Hot-glue gun and glue sticks
-- Wax paper
-- Dish detergent
-- Snowflake template (you can print this out from online)
-- Glitter
-- Mod Podge
-- Small paint brush
-- String or ribbon
You can find these items at a craft store.

Make the snowflake

Place a sheet of wax paper on top of your snowflake template. Cover the wax paper with dish detergent and add a little bit of water so that the dish detergent will cover the entire wax paper. Then, use the hot-glue gun to trace the template with hot glue. Use caution when using a hot-glue gun! Let the glue dry completely.

Remove the snowflake from the wax paper

Once the glue has dried, slowly peel the glue snowflake from the wax paper. If any of the glue sticks to the paper, slowly run some cold water over the glue and paper to help them detach from themselves. If any of the snowflake is thin, you can apply another layer of glue to that area to make it stronger.

Apply Mod Podge and glitter

Use the small paintbrush to cover the entire glue snowflake with Mod Podge. Then, cover the entire snowflake with glitter. After the Mod Podge and glitter have dried, pour off the excess glitter. You can add another layer of glitter if you are a glitter-lover (like me).

Attach a ribbon or string

Use the hot-glue gun to glue a ribbon or string to the back of the glue snowflake to serve as a hanger to hang the snowflake on your holiday tree.

Hang on your holiday tree and enjoy the sparkling snowflake ornament!

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