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Nabi plopped her bag down on the leaves and found a log to sit on. Why did they have to walk all the way out here? She could have easily fit into Jin's truck even if he was bringing the tents and sleeping bags. Tae looked back at her and frowned. “Come on lazy we are almost there. It’s the next clearing just up there.” “You said we were almost there hours ago~.” She whined “That was five minutes ago when you sat down to rest. Can you really not hike this short distance?” “I work in a café I’m not really the active type. It drains me of all my energy.” He sighed and came over grabbing her arm to stand her up before taking her pack from her. Grabbing her hand he lead her through the woods the rest of the way. The sun hit her eyes when they stepped out into the large clearing making her blink. She saw the rest of the boys up ahead some setting up tents others getting rocks and making a fire pit. Tae pushed her the whole way to where the others were. “Sorry it took so long guys. This one apparently can’t take the exhaustion of walking so far.” He rolled his eyes at you. “Ah that’s fine you can still help with the tents. Nabi can you help them with the fire pit.” Namjoon being the leader he was had everyone split up so they could get done faster. “Nabi you can help by finding big rocks. Don’t worry Jimin and I will pick them up you just have to find them.” Jungkook said to her with a big smile. She just nodded going the long way around Jimin who was pulling grass up out of the circle. He seemed like he didn’t really want to be to close to her either. Nabi just walked around looking for big rocks in the clearing. “Ah here is a nice one Kookie!” She called back and just like that he was beside her to get the rock. He hugged her waist putting his head on her shoulder. “Are you okay noona? You seem a little distracted still.” “Yea I’m okay being out here will help too.” She gave him a small smile rewarding her a nudge of his head against hers. “Good.” He let her go and picked up the rock returning to the camp sight. She turned to watch him carry it back when she saw Yoongi staring at her. His eyes felt like they could burn a hole through her. She looked away to find Jimin’s sad eyes looking at her. She turnLovelyed from them quickly she wasn’t ready to talk to him yet. She waited till she heard Jungkook drop the rock into the circle before she went to look for another. If Jungkook was the only one to come get rocks she would be okay for now. No matter how hard she tried to ignore it she could still feel three sets of eyes on her the whole time she was looking. One filled with worry, one with sadness and regret, the last filled with anger.
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