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Jae Ha asked Hang Ah where she is. Hang Ah said she will go back to the north. She will go back to the north for her to see him again. Royal Secretary was talking on the phone and said:What? an all out war?? And the evil guy was happy coz everything works well >< The north koreans are pointing guns at Jae Ha and Jae Ha said, if they kill him, it means war. Suddenly Hang Ah point her gun to him and said that she will follow him. The last episode is still really intense!!! Less than 5 hours from now!! Please follow me and check my recaps, screenshots, and previews in
Exciting! I can't wait to see this final episode...What would happen?
oh yeah hahahha i just had my dinner kkkkk see you all soonnn
Jae Ha has had a gun pointed in his face more than once throughout the drama -_- is it strange for me to feel nothing now that even Hang Ah is aiming one at him?..... oh btw i will be waiting for your live recap ;D
@bix2anca you're right!! argg those d*mn writer!!! will you all read the recap tonight?? ^^
I've told you: writers are becoming mad those days...
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