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Learning to love myself has been without question one of the greatest challenges I’ve faced growing up. Even though I’m almost 24 years old now, I still by no means have it all figured out.
But I’m learning, and that’s the encouraging thing. It seems like the more I learn to accept myself, the happier I am. And the better I can deal with the difficult circumstances in life and the little failures that are inevitable, no matter how awesome you are.
I think self-love is important for everyone! For me, it’s been the first step towards living a happy life and truly loving others. It’s also really helped me develop my confidence.
Do you need some reasons to love yourself today? Let me give you some! ^_^
1. You. Are. Awesome! Seriously, so awesome. Don’t ever let anybody tell you you’re not.
2. There’s no one else on this planet like you. Seriously, you’re totally unique, with all these cool little things about you that make you who you are. Nobody else has your quirks, your sense of humor
3. That thing! That thing you’re really good at! You’re an incredible _______ (writer, cook, mother, social worker, gamer, babysitter, friend, runner, firefighter, Vingler, etc.). You have a special talent that makes you more than special, more than lovable – it makes you beautiful. Keep on rocking that thing you love!
4. You’re loving, kind, and caring. The way you care about your friends and family is a beautiful thing! You have a big heart, and so much to give to others. You make a difference in people’s lives.
5. Smile at yourself in the mirror. No, REALLY smile. A big one. Laugh. Make it genuine. Now isn’t that a beautiful smile?? :D
6. You are strong. Strong enough to survive life’s battles and challenges; strong enough to overcome them. You might not see that strength, but I promise, it’s there – hidden inside you. Ready to come out and surprise you when you need it. :)
7. You are loved! Think about all the people in your life; there’s at least one who you mean the world to. You might not know it, but somebody loves you so darn much. So be kind to yourself; you’re precious to somebody. :)
8. You have a unique value to give the world. Your talents, your skills, the way you think… it all makes you valuable. There’s something you’ve got that nobody else has. You might not know it, but believe me, it’s in there. You’re going to make an awesome contribution to the world. Even if it makes the life of just one person better, it’s worth it! Never forget that.
9. You’re beautiful, inside and out. Your body is unique and incredible; it can do so many special things. Look at the way your heart is pumping away, your neurons are firing, your nerves are communicating signals to your entire body – and all of it is working in harmony to make you the beautiful machine that you are. Even when you’re just sitting still, breathing, you are a miracle.
Don’t forget to marvel at all the ways in which you are special; when you’re feeling down, just read this list and remember that you are special because you are you. Be yourself; that’s what’s good enough, and that’s what’s beautiful. Now repeat after me… I love you, me! :) <3
Thanks after a bad day at school this makes me feel much better 😊😃
This is beautiful! Thanks for spreading the self-love. I try to remind myself that I am unique and that helps a lot with my self-love, comparison is the thief of joy!
No problem, always happy to spread the love ^^ @nicolejb You're so right about comparison! It's such an unhealthy habit that I struggle with all the time :/ it helps to be grateful for the ways your own uniqueness makes you different and special!
then perhaps thats the journey you must travel to understand its meaning lol
I still don't get what AGAPE means. lol
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