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Today, two really interesting article surrounding YouTube stars came out that had me wondering...

What is it REALLY like to be a Youtube star? Can someone survive by just being a YouTube star?

Rolling Stone published a article Cult of PewDiePie: How a Swedish Gamer Became YouTube's Biggest Star.
An avid gamer, Felix Kjellberg quit his job to make video of himself playing games. And how did that turn out? Well according to Forbes, he made $12 million this year. In September, he was the first ever to surpass 10 billion views.
So, as it turns out you can make video gamer geek into a millionaire.
Famous YouTuber Star Gaby Dunn has the opposite experience. With her best friend and their Youtube channel justbetweenus, they've created an empire. With more than half a million subscribers in less than two years, they've dealt with business contracts and deals, and officially started their own business Gallison, LLC.
But Dunn admits: "But it’s not enough to live, and its influx is unpredictable. Our channel exists in that YouTube no-man’s-land: Brands think we’re too small to sponsor, but fans think we’re too big for donations."
"I’ve walked a red carpet with $80 in my bank account. Popular YouTube musician Meghan Tonjes said she performed on Vidcon’s MainStage this year to screaming, crying fans without knowing whether she’d be able to afford groceries."
So some make it big on the YouTubes and some don't.

Would you put in all the effort to see if you could be successful on YouTube?

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@nicolejb Well it's going to happen, not like kids are being monitored especially with smartphones in this generation.
Oh you can make a lot. If you can get lots of good sponsors and lots of views: lots of money. That's how it works pretty much, appeal to main stream and people eat it up. Like look at the rappers like Lil Wayne who have massive amount of views but he appeals to young minds but if you see some artist spitting real rap without the need of sex, drugs, money, etc being involved: you won't get too many views on the norm unless you're unique or being promoted a lot.
LOL well that's actually a weird way to get famous that's for sure @@humairaa
@nicolejb yeah basically or appeal to teenagers since a lot of views are most likely coming from the young kids.
I personally would never rely on youtube as my only source of income. it's too risky.
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